My Story


Welcome! I am Raluca Pop and this is my boutique.

Having grown up in Bucharest Romania, in a small apartment of a communist block of flats, I always longed for space and privacy. I used to imagine new designs of my tiny house or design imaginary homes. It was my way to free myself from those grey concrete walls and it was then that my passion for design started to shape.

My Joy

I am an interior designer, artist and a self-taught DIY-er. Next to interior design, I up-cycle old furniture and create small home decorations by re-purposing old items. I get excited at the sight of old handmade pieces that carry the tale of their maker and past owners. I try to give them new life to continue their story and re-introduce them in modern interiors.

My Inspiration

Because of my Romanian roots, I am also a promoter of Romanian traditional arts and crafts. In Romania you can still find talented craftsmen that remained true to the old techniques and the traditional folk motifs that are rich in colors and carry with them a piece of Romanian history.

This is my story, now let’s tell yours.

You may contact me in English, Dutch, Italian and Romanian.

Happy browsing!